The Laundromat Café, located in the heart of Reykjavik, is one of the most distinctive and interesting places you can visit in Iceland’s capital city. It’s situated at Austurstraeti 9, Reykjavik 101, Iceland [2]. The café is not just a regular eatery, it doubles up as a laundromat, offering its patrons the unique convenience of enjoying a good meal or drink while getting their laundry done.

The café is designed in a classic American-diner style and boasts a warm, vibrant atmosphere that is welcoming to both locals and tourists. You can expect leather stools around a central bar and tables that are always bustling with patrons [1]. It has a casual, upbeat vibe that makes it a great place to hang out, whether you’re in for a leisurely brunch, a fine craft beer, or some housework on the side.

The café seems to enjoy popularity among the locals, especially those who have had the chance to visit its sister establishment in Copenhagen. It immediately became a hit upon opening its doors in Reykjavik [7]. Its culinary offerings are quite diverse, with some patrons even hailing their Icelandic lamb as the best [8].

While it’s been noted as a bit touristy [3], the Laundromat Café is by no means just a novelty for visitors. It has carved its niche in the local scene, standing out as a classic and a standout among the few laundromats in the country [6]. However, if you’re seeking a purely Icelandic cultural experience, the café’s distinctive ambiance and concept might be a little bit off the traditional path [9].

Overall, The Laundromat Café offers a fun, unusual, and cozy experience. It’s a place that can add a unique twist to your Icelandic adventure. Whether you want to grab a meal, catch up over a drink, or take care of some laundry while taking in the local scene, this spot in Reykjavik is certainly worth checking out.


For a week, I explored the streets of Reykjavik while waiting for my flight back home to be rescheduled due to Coronavirus. Each day I peered through the windows of the Laundromat cafe and always saw people enjoying a meal or savoring their coffee. On my final morning, I looked inside the cafe, and it was empty. I decided to go inside. The owner, Sölvi Snær greeted me as I entered the delightfully quirky cafe, and led me to a table. It was March and many of the tables had been removed, as social distancing (even in restaurants) was already being practiced in Iceland. I was handed a menu and was immediately surprised at the healthy variety and unique combinations of flavors presented. I ordered a cappuccino followed by the Avocado Toast – a fried egg sitting atop a combination of greens, avocado, quinoa and a slice of toast – all drizzled with a beetroot sauce. This breakfast plate supassed any expectations that I’ve ever had of a healthy eggy breakfast dish. 

After enjoying my delicious breakfast, Sölvi gave me tour of the cafe. We looped around the restaurant and headed into the basement. I was surprised that there were full laundry facilities downstairs! Yes, the place is called The Laundromat Cafe, but I really hadn’t thought there would be laundry facilities downstairs. Since my trip had been extended multiple days, I had been doing my laundry in my hotel’s sink and drying wet clothes on the wall heaters. I wish I had gone inside the cafe earlier in my trip.

On future trips to Reykjavik, The Laundromat Cafe will be a guaranteed stop (and has been). Highly recommended! 


Are reservations required?

No, just walk in. Seating is available at the bar, or at tables and booths.

When is the best time to go?

Open from 8am until midnight every day. It can get crowded and noisy at night. If you’re looking for a quiet meal, head over in the morning for one of the best breakfasts you’ll enjoy in Reykjavik.

Do they have vegetarian options?

The eclectic menu offers a vegetarian brunch, a veggie burger and smoothies. Other options are most likely available.



Austurstræti 9, 101 Reykjavík, Iceland

Travel Time

50 min from Keflavík Airport


50 km from Keflavík Airport