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On the west coast of Iceland surrounded by low rising mountains, flowing rivers and hot springs lies the farm Steðji, which translates as Anvil, named after the rock formation next to Steðji Brewery and family house. A place of folklore and magic that today is the home of one of the most innovative, exciting and exuberant family brewery in the world.

Brugghús Steðja is a family owned company in Iceland that started in 2012. Our brew master made our first two beers in the same year, Our lager and the Icelandic northern lights beer. Since then we have been releasing a lot of new type of beers. We want our beer to have its own character so no two types of beers should be similar. For our seasonal beers we want to grab the spirit of each season, so people can gather around too celebrate and say SKÁL!

Steðji beer is not just a beer, its an alchemy of pure genius. Our brewer is a German professional, Philipp Ewers, who is a magician for a brewer.

We are in the possession of our own fountain of pure spring water. The water has been tested and proven to be among the purest and cleanest sources of water found in the world. We use our natural spring water as it comes from nature without adding any chemicals in our brewing procedure and therefore guarantee that all of our beers have that refreshing pure taste.


While planning my visit to Iceland, I read an article that talked about the most controversial beer in the world. And as luck would have it, it was from Iceland. Hvalur beer is uniquely brewed with whale testicles smoked over sheep dung. I had to try it!

I booked my trip, and included a stop over at the Stedji Brewery. Being just over an hour from Reykjavik, it was an easy drive, and made even more convenient by staying overnight in their unique “Barrel Cabins.”

I arrived in mid-afternoon, driving past the giant beer bottle sign, and pulled up to my “barrel.” Keys were in the door, and bottles of beer were in the fridge! If you’re a beer enthusiast, you’ll appreciate that welcome. Perfect!

After dropping the luggage off at the cabin, I walked down the path to the back of the brewery, which is also the main entrance. The owner, Dagbjartur, greeted me and led me on a tour, complete with tasting. I was fortunate to meet the German brewmaster, Philipp, who told me the story behind brewing their famous beer. (which does not follow German Reinheitsgebot – Beer purity laws)

Could the day get more perfect? Oh yes. After appreciating a flight or two of delicious Stedji beers, I went out for a stroll. As soon as the door opened to go outside, the Aurora Borealis waved to me from a crisp clear sky.

There are galley kitchens inside the barrel cabins, but I hadn’t thought to bring food. Thankfully, the Hverinn Cafe and their friendly owners are nearby. And if you’re in the mood for a soak, the Krauma hot springs are just a little further down the road.

Great beer (yes, really fantasic beer), wonderful people, the aurora, and hot springs. I hadn’t realized this stop would be so rewarding. I can’t wait to go back!



Are reservations required?

For the Barrel Cabins – yes, here’s the Airbnb Listing:

Bungalow 1

When is the best time to go?

The brewery isn’t always open. Best bet – get there between 13:00-15:00.

What types of beer do they have?

A full range of traditional beers are available, but Stedji really stands out with unique tastes. Smoked, sour, summer, Oktoberfest, and even a strawberry beer. And of course there are two different beers brewed with Whale and Sheep testicles. 


Title Address Description
515/2, Iceland


Steðji, 515/2, Iceland

Travel Time

01:15 min from Reykjavik
01:47 from Keflavík Airport


137 km from Keflavik Airport
97 km from Reykjavik




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